Virgin Magnetic Material

Tel Aviv isn’t exactly renound for it’s status as an electronic music hub, but prolific nu-disco wizard Virgin Magnetic Material is one resident of the city who could well put it on the map. We stumbled upon Shai Vardi’s work on Soundcloud by chance, and were quite frankly astounded at the sheer amount of remixes he’s produced so far. Centering mostly on seventies and eighties with a few more recent hits thrown in for good measure, Vardi’s work is impressively varied.

We’ve been particularly drawn to his Fleetwood Mac reworks. ‘Dreams’ has only been very slightly adjusted with a gentle house beat cranking the song up a notch or two, but finally providing us with a version of the song that is the perfect midpoint between the mellow original and Deep Dish‘s more full-on effort from 2006. ‘Landslide’ has been altered more dramatically, becoming a slow-mo torch song with cosmic atmospherics (we would however still plump for Gwyneth Paltrow’s rendition in Glee if we were forced to choose between the two).

Also of note are the seven minute, string-laden take on Hall & Oates ‘I Can’t Go For That’ and the subtly electro-tinged version of QueenDavid Bowie‘s ‘Under Pressure’ which both add a little something extra to two timeless classics. Listen to all four of the tracks mentioned here below, then head over to Virgin Magnetic Material’s Soundcloud page where there’s literally hours more music for your listening pleasure – we’re sure there’s plenty of discovering left to do.


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